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Waywood Music's 5-Star Customer-Rated Service:
How We Operate & How You Benefit


Waywood Music is a small independent supplier of World Percussion.

We combine our passion for playing with our passion for ensuring that you enjoy the best buying experience & receive our best attention when choosing &/or buying your instrument.

We provide free impartial advice on choice of instrument (we recommend what is best for you even if it is something we do not sell ourselves) & if you choose to buy from our range of cajons, djembes, gongs or cymbals we help you to choose the best option for your situation (not just the most expensive!).


We believe it is so important for you to be able to relax & trust us, so:

We ALWAYS show all costs (including shipping) in one place on the sales page.

For example ...

[51CAJ06 Leiva sweet spot cajon]51.CAJ06  Leiva Cajon Zoco Sweet Spot (Pi Circle Design) - The familiar 'Sweet Spot' cajon features the optimum spot for good bass tones. The best sounding introductory cajon available; cutting highs & powerful bass tones. A coated body eliminates many of the boxy mid-tones prevalent on many entry level cajons. Sporting twin DTS  adjustable snares, a truly professional sounding cajon.

OUR PRICE:  £85.00 (RRP £100.00) or
£103 including padded bag (RRP. £120.00)

Next Day Courier Delivery if required UK ONLY £11.00

Total Cost to you ... £96.00 or £114.00 including bag


 You won't suddenly be asked for unexpected extras at the last stage of purchase!

We do not currently charge VAT


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If you know exactly what you want, great! We are happy to take you along to the UK importer to choose your instrument if you wish. However, if that is not possible, such as for distance reasons, we spend time finding out what you want & then personally visit the importer, working our way through their stock until we find an instrument that we would be happy to play ourselves & that suits your requirements.


If you don't know what you want, we will spend time helping you understand the different options & guide you through to making the right choice for you.


'My girlfriend secretly bought my first Cajon from Stuart at Waywood Music. Once I'd opened it, she couldn't wait to tell me about the quality of service she had received. The Cajon is perfect and I wrote a thank you email to Stuart to find that the service didn't stop there. He gave me instructional advice along with some online clips to watch as well as offering to answer any questions at any time. It's fantastic to find a company so passionate about the service they deliver. Would recommend them to anyone!

Thanks Again Waywood Music!'

(AB Bath, UK)


We understand that buying online can be a lottery, especially with instruments like handmade cajons, djembes & gongs, where every instrument sounds different.

We have spent more than 20 years enjoying & playing these instruments, learning & understanding what makes them sound great. We apply that knowledge in choosing each instrument we supply to you.

We only ever supply what we would be happy to play ourselves.

We never just take an order, choose a box & send out an instrument. We always listen to each & every instrument we sell, ensuring that it matches your specifications & needs. We hand-pick each instrument as an individual.

We often try 10 instruments or more until we find one that matches the requirements of our customers!


'Superb service and communication throughout and even offers of a follow-up should we need advice about the instrument. We are very happy customers and highly recommend to others.'

(NK, London, UK)


So, if you buy from us please expect to be involved in choosing your instrument, even if it's only, "I want a cajon that fits well into an acoustic pop band" or "I want a cajon that sounds a bit like a drum kit."


And if you prefer to place an order & then have no further communication please be assured that we provide the same 5-star service for each & every customer.


'I contacted Waywood music while looking for a djembe to buy after reading the excellent guide on the web site. Not only did Stuart offer a range of djembes from the manufacturers I was interested in at lower prices than I had seen elsewhere, but soon made it clear that he was keen to ensure that I got the most suitable djembe for my needs rather than just to make a sale.

After numerous emails of invaluable advice and comparison, as well as audio samples and answers to my specific questions, I purchased a djembe from him and this promptly arrived safe and sound and was even better than I expected.

I would recommend Waywood to anyone wishing to purchase percussion instruments. Given the natural variability of handmade instruments, it is worth a lot to be able to trust the person you are buying from to pick out a good one for you, and on top of that to be priced so competitively is the icing on the cake.'

(PC, London, UK)


If we can help in any way, please contact us by e-mail or call us on either 01509 553362 or 07814 628123.

Thank You.


PLEASE NOTE: If you live outside the UK please contact us before placing an order to confirm delivery costs which can be high


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