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[Stuart Wood - Webmaster & owner Waywood Music]Until recently my life has focussed on science and medicine.

I worked for more than 18 years the pharmaceutical industry, starting in clinical research on new analgesics and anti-inflammatories and ending in medical education, where I helped to train and educate doctors, healthcare professionals and company employees on immunology and anti-cancer drugs.

However, drumming and percussion are great passions of mine which I am beginning to realise are God-given gifts.  I didn't start playing drums until I was 19 and since 1990 I have branched-out into playing percussion instruments from all over the world. Along the way I have recorded a CD using almost exclusively drums and percussion to paint images.

I have worked with and spoken to many great musicians over the years who have taught me so much. Many have become good friends. I want to publicly say THANK YOU to everyone who has encouraged me along the way.


About Waywood Music

Waywood Music was originally developed as a music publishing label . Since I assumed full responsibility I have tried to expand the business which has included development of this web site. The Waywood Music web site aims to share with you the lessons that I have often had to learn the hard way, information which is not always readily available. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid some of my more painful experiences!

If I were to offer one piece of advice to help you on your way it would be simple ... whatever your level of ability, and no matter how far along the road of drumming/rhythm/percussion you are, keep persevering. Don't give up. You WILL get there in the end.

I have also extensive experience giving interactive drumming and percussion workshops in schools, business and in churches/Christian organisations. 


The Future

Waywood Music will continue to diversify, adapt to the needs that we are able to meet and work in partnership with others to expand our services.

The site will be continually updated as new information and services become available.


THANK YOU for visiting the Waywood Music web site.

I am always pleased to receive your feedback on this site, along with suggestions for improvement.

Why not bookmark us, and visit us again soon?


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