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How to Use the Site

This page has been designed to help you learn how to navigate this site easily and gain the most from your visit. However, it also contains the basics of navigation, and therefore, may be helpful when you visit other sites.

You can work your way down the page, or select one of the headings below to move directly to a specific heading. Enjoy your stay.


Basics of Moving Around the Site ('Navigation')

The site has been designed so that you can view the sections which specifically interest you.


Moving to a Different Page

FIRST look for the page heading link which will be in blue if you've not already used it, or pink if you have already used it. This is called a 'hypertext link'.

SELECT the page you wish to go to by placing the screen cursor/arrow on the title.

THEN either 'click' using you mouse or press the 'Return'/'Enter' key on your keyboard. You will then be taken to the page you wish to view.



Sometimes you will see a picture which is used as a link. You will know that it is a link since when your cursor moves over the picture the arrow head will change to a pointing finger. Please note that there are also linked 'Thumbnail' images on this site (see below). The arrow will still change to a pointing finger when the pointer hovers over the image. Either select the icon button, by 'clicking' with your mouse or pressing the 'return'/'enter' key on your keyboard. You will be taken to an enlarged image of the original.

For example,

[Inactive dw logo]

dw web site


Should you wish to return to the page you have just viewed use the 'Back' icon on the toolbar at the top of your Browser. In some cases 'Return to previous page' (or 'Forward to next page') is provided through links on the page.

For example:

[Non-linked previous page button icon] [Non-linked next page button icon]

Previous Page Next Page


Please note that there is access to the following pages from ALL pages in this web site:

At the bottom of each page you will see a set of text links similar to the example shown below (actual link titles may vary depending on the individual page you are viewing):


Questions   Feedback   Contact Us   Confidentiality   Home Page


Moving Around Within a Page

You will find one or two icons or links which will help you move around within a page.

Long Pages

If the page is long and contains a number of headings, you will see a list of subject title hypertext links as a 'bulleted list' near the top of the page. If you select these as before, you will automatically be taken to the heading.

For example, practice here:

Top of Page

You will find a 'Top of Page' button at the end of the text on each page, which looks like this:

[Inactive return to top of page button]

Return to Top of Page


When you select either the button or the text, you will be taken to the top of the page you are currently viewing.


Other Helps

On some pages you will find small pictures which have writing underneath. These pictures (also called 'Thumbnails') are usually difficult to see clearly. You will see instructions on the web page such as 'click on image to enlarge'. Alternatively, you will notice that the image has a blue (or pink if you've already used it) border around it.

The images can be enlarged by selecting the picture by placing the screen cursor/arrow over the image and either 'clicking' on it with your mouse or pressing the 'Return'/'Enter' key on your keyboard. When you click on the thumbnail, the large image will be displayed. In order to get back to the original page, you will need to press the 'Back' button in the top left hand corner of your browser screen. However, on this site, whn you click on a thumbnail image it will open a new window. Once you've finished viewing simply close the window and you will return to the original page.

Practice here

[Test Button Icon for Practising with Thumbnail Images]

This is a Test Thumbnail


Specific Subjects

For Drummers & Percussionists

Drummers and percussionists can view the pages which are directly relevant to them as follows:

FIRST access the 'Drums & Percussion' page.

THEN access either the 'Drums' or 'Percussion' page.

WHEN YOU ENTER THESE PAGES you will find a detailed break down of the different subjects you can view. Navigation to the relevant pages is made by using hypertext or icon links as described above.

Please note that since there is a lot of advice which applies equally to both disciplines, you will notice some repetition if you visit the same subject pages for Drummers and for Percussionists.


Non-Drummer/Percussionist Visitors

This site has a number of pages dedicated to other musical subjects, in addition to a range of other interests. There is a useful 'Links' page which in-turn takes you to a range of other pages where you can leave the Waywood Music site and link directly to other web sites. Navigation around these pages is by hypertext or icon links as described above.


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