[Choosing the best drumming & percussion equipment for your needs by Waywood Music]

Selecting Equipment for Drummers & Percussionists


[Percussion set up]On these pages you'll find helpful hints on how to choose the best equipment to suit your needs.

A bit of careful research and examination of what you intend to buy will help you to buy equipment which will meet your needs for years to come.

Whether you're looking for new drums or new percussion, the same principles apply.

BEFORE you go to those pages consider the following questions:

a. How much do I want to spend?
b. Does it have to be new?
c. What level of performance do I expect from the equipment?
d. Will I need to buy spares?

Sometimes buying second-hand equipment such as drum kits, cymbals, cases and some types of percussion represents an excellent option. You often get the items cheaper and with 'extras' included. However, you may need to more careful with stands and pedals. Also think about how old the second-hand equipment is, especially if spares will be needed.

Beginners can often buy a complete second-hand semi-professional or professional quality drum kit and cymbals for little more than the price of a new 'entry level' kit.

Choice of individual items is beyond the scope of these pages. However, there are excellent published resources produced which will help you to make the best choice.

In Great Britain and Europe, Rhythm Magazine is brilliant for this.

The equivalent US publication Modern Drummer is another great resource.

Ask for advice from drummer friends with experience, drum teachers or drummers you know. They will give you plenty of help.


Select the pages you wish to view from the following titles:


New Drums
New Percussion
New Cymbals
New Hardware
How to choose a cajon


Second Hand Drums
Second Hand Percussion
Second Hand Cymbals


Other equipment: Heads, sticks, cases & other spares


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