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[DG Zambo Cuban Cajon]You will find a wide range of hints and tips which are based on more than 20 years of playing experience in different styles and at different levels. We aim to offer you advice which will enable you to avoid some of the pitfalls, be more creative and get the BEST from your drums and percussion. We also hope that you understand the importance of your interaction with the other musicians in the band. See our latest page on How to Choose the Right cajon for You.

The following pages will help you with all aspects of of percussion, from selecting, setting-up and tuning to repairing and restoring. You will discover how to warm-up before the gig and warm-down after the gig to avoid those 'morning after' aches and pains. You will also learn ways to increase your creativity as a musician and how to become sought after for your talent, ability and character.

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How to Choose Your Equipment

Items of General Interest


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