[Buying Drums & Percussion from Waywood Music]

Buying Drums & Percussion from Waywood Music


[Buy drums & percussion from Waywood Music]... IS EASY!  But please be ready for us to ask you a few questions so that we can send you the right drum for you.

We work very hard for our customers and we are probably one of the cheapest suppliers of ethnic drums and percussion in the UK.

Our African, Latin American, Middle Eastern and other World percussion, includes djembes, bougarabou (boucarabou), pandiero, surdo, darabouka, congas, bongos, cajón and tabla.  Visit our Cajons & Djembes & Chinese Gongs & Cymbals sales pages.

Instruments are made by Kambala, Gope, Gope, RMV, Contemporānea, Dream and others: professional quality; great value; high standard of craftsmanship and great sound. They stand up to the rigours of use.



We're not interested in just selling you any drum; we want you to buy the right drum. We aim to exceed your expectations. 

Because we care about our own drums, we also care about yours. So,

FIRST: We'll ask you a few questions like those on our Choosing Ethnic Drums & Percussion page.

SECOND: We visit our supplier and spend time personally selecting the right drum for you from their extensive stock: you get the cream of the bunch.  We carefully inspect every item, thoroughly, to ensure there are no defects.

THIRD:  We arrange courier deliver directly to your house or chosen address.  We aim to dispatch orders as quickly as possible, usually within 2 working days.  If there are any expected delays we will contact you to agree a delivery time or agree a refund. We only charge you what it costs us; we DO NOT offer you items at discounted rates and then charge you grossly inflated delivery costs to claw back the difference! Delivery charges are shown on our sales pages alongside each item so there are no hidden costs.  PLEASE NOTE: We only deliver to within the UK unless you have agreed directly with us.


AND IF YOU'RE NOT SURE EXACTLY WHAT SOUND YOU WANT we hope you'll trust us to use our experience, knowledge and expertise to find something that sounds great and is right for you.

So, if you want a drum or a Chinese Gong or cymbal to fit your personal needs, like a glove, contact us today. Why not visit our Cajons & Djembes & Chinese Gongs & Cymbals sales pages.


'I would recommend Waywood [Music] to anyone wishing to purchase percussion instruments. Given the natural variability of handmade instruments, it is worth a lot to be able to trust the person you are buying from to pick out a good one for you, and on top of that to be priced so competitively is the icing on the cake.'  5-STARS  (PC, London)


We've written a page dedicated to choosing your instrument, which can be easier than you think, ONCE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!  Let us help you choose the right drum for you!  Go to our How To Choose Your Drums & Percussion page.



We accept payment by most major credit cards and Direct Debit via PayPal which is easy, efficient and totally secure.  And you don't need a PayPal account to pay by PayPal.

[We accept payment using credit and debit cards, cheque or direct debit cards]

Why not visit our Drum & Percussion sales pages.



We take personal privacy and confidentiality very seriously and we DO NOT divulge any customer details to any third party, except those necessary for our supplier to ship your goods to you at your chosen delivery address.

We personally select and check every instrument you choose before dispatch to you from our supplier by courier. 

Items damaged in transit will be replaced at no cost to you, providing they are returned to us for inspection. Please see our Returns & Cancellation Policy for further details.

Our Full Terms & Conditions are set out here.


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