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Although we do not provide drum lessons ourselves, we do have some links to other sites where you can access drum lessons, or obtain really good, resources and information which will help you to develop and grow in your drumming.

The resources on this page should increase rapidly as new materials and sites become available.


Free Music Staff Paper to Download

Download your own free music staff paper (PDF Format). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for this. If you don't have a copy you can download a copy (free) from the music staff download page. Click Here


Railroad Media DVDs, Workbook, CD Packages

[Railroad Media drumming & percussion tuition - DVDs, CDs, workbooks: probably the best!]Canadian-based Railroad Media provide some of the best, most comprehensive training and teaching products on the market to help you develop your skills as a drummer.

Professional drummers have put together unique training materials which really help to answer the basic question of 'How can I do that?'  DVDs show split-screen, close-up, slow-motion details of how to achieve the techniques and each package contains at least one workbook.  Some come with play-along DVDs and/or CD so you can apply what you've learnt.

These are not just an excuse for well-known drummers to show off their awesome technique:  they are bona-fide instructional videos made by professional drummers with a passion to help you learn.

Use the following links to access the product web sites.

First, put your mind at rest and watch a short presentation on how to order products and their 90 day risk-free, money back guarantee (this example uses the Rock Drumming System).


Drumming System - Total package for all abilities, 20 DVDs, 15 play-along CDs,5 workbooks

Rock Drumming System - 5 DVDs and 4 workbooks; play along sessions; beginner to advanced.

Jazz Drumming System - 2DVDs, workbook, play-along DVD & CD from Beginner to advanced

Latin Drumming System - 2DVDs, workbook, play-along DVD/CD covering all styles


Bass Drum Secrets - Achieving extra speed and precision using single and double pedal

Drum Rudiment System - 6 DVDs, 3 Books on mastering the 40 drum rudiments ... and your kit!

Moeller Method Secrets - 2 DVDs showing how to create much greater stick speed and control

One Handed Drum Roll - Simple technique for generating incredible speed with just one stick


Drum Play-Along System - 6 Play along DVDs + book covering rock styles, pop, jazz & Latin


Drum Tuning System - Great sounding drums for all styles and situations from professionals


Drum Gear Buyers Guide - Professional musicians help you pick & choose all your drum gear


Church Sound Secrets - How to achieve the best for your musicians and your church

They even do ...


Piano Lessons - 6 DVDs, 2 play-along CDs, 2 books help you learn to play any song by ear


Pete Lockett

World-renowned, multi-percussionist Pete Lockett is one of the most versatile percussionists currently in the UK, having immersed himself in percussion and drums from every part of the globe. Pete has worked in virtually every field of music conceivable, both live and in the studio (pop, rock, free jazz, classical avant garde, traditional Carnatic, Hindustani music of North and South India, traditional Japanese taiko drumming, straight blues, funk ... and more!).

Pete's site is packed with FREE lessons on a wide range of instruments. Includes free MP3 and video downloads so that you can see/hear what you are supposed to be achieving. Visit his excellent web site to find out more.

[Link to Pete Lockett's web site]

Pete Lockett web site



This is a GREAT site! Search thousands of the best drums sites on the net using their vertical search engine for quick and easy access to drum-related information. Competitions, drums and percussion forums, lessons, transcriptions, mp3, audio, video information, classifieds, photos and drumtalk. Find out more:

[Logo link to Drums.com web site]


Britchops Drum Tuition

The Britchops Foundation Drum Course is a new interactive MIDI e-Book drum course in Adobe PDF format, providing all the information you need to begin learning today's popular drumming styles such as Pop, Rock and Britpop/Indie in the comfort of your own home. Drum charts by top UK and US bands plus an extensive MIDI file library in GM/GS/XG format, Digital Imaging, Professional Drum Score Notation and extensive Tutor Notes. Find out more at www.britchops.co.uk

[Find out more about Britchops]



A wonderful site for learning all those things you wanted to know about rhythms and drumming. This site includes some great interactive video tutors, with free samples included. More than just another site offering the same old same... includes a great online, interactive percussion magazine. DrumRhythms.com is for the serious percussionist or drummer who wants to move forward in their playing. Check them out using the following link:



Plug Studios

Drum lessons at Plug Studios with Greg Morgan.  Greg is a qualified professional drum and percussion tutor, & also plays in local bands.  Lessons to suit all tastes and styles. All abilities and ages are welcome.   Prices start at just £12 for 30 minutes (30 minute and 60 minute lessons available).

For further details & to book lessons contact Greg on 07799 054628

Recording & Rehearsal Studios also available.

Contact Plug Studios

City Trading Estate

Tel:  01603 618808 / 07946 649859

The Old Fishmarket

Tel:  01603 219337 / 07946 649859

[Plug Studios - Recording & Rehearsal]

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